Last journey

The captain of MV Edinburgh watched for the last time the harbour before set sail. Cape Town began to get smaller as they are push out into the Atlantic, leaving behind the sounds of the big city to embrace the sounds of the ocean.

According to the weather forecast, the journey to Tristan da Cunha would be quiet. Winds stern that would help arrive early and clear skies are the perfect companions that every sailor wants in his travels, but the captain wasn’t quite sure about it. A light breeze started blowing on the starboard and a blackened sky that threatened to storm interposed between the ship and its destination.

He went to the control station and after gathering his men, promised to arrived to Tristan da Cunha as they planned, but that trip wouldn’t be except for mishaps. Hours later, when the sun has had hidden, they began to feel the strong waves on the hull, the alarm started ringing and all crew worked hard to fulfill its mission.

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